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As we dive headfirst into 21 Century . it seems only fitting to discuss ways to stay on top of developments in modern cybersecurity and privacy. What’s the best way to stay protected? How can you determine if something is a scam? Which big company has been breached now?

What is the coming NEXT for us?

In China today, more and more often artificial intelligence is used to spy on people, create a social rating of citizens, and a rating of reliability. But the analysis of brain activity is already, in my opinion, beyond reality. In particular, we are talking about...

Iranian hackers APT-Group are selling access to compromised companies on an underground forum

Today, Crowdstrike (a Cyber Security firm) said in their report that one of Iran's state-sponsored hacking groups has been spotted selling access to compromised corporate networks on an underground hacking forum. The company identified the group with the codename...

Indian IT company Spied on more than 10,000 email accounts in 7 years, multinational politicians were affected

According to Reuters, a little-known Indian IT company provided hacking services to customers and hacked more than 10,000 email accounts around the world in seven years. Based on information disclosed by the company’s three former employees, reports from external...

37 Free Marketing , Linux , Coding and Social Media Courses to Elevate Your Skills Today

The list here includes free online marketing courses in a number of social media-related topics and disciplines. If you’d like to dig into one area in particular, here’s a quick table of contents so you can jump to the section that’s most important to you: Utilize...

Types of cyber attacks and forecasts for 2020

Computer attacks constitute one of the biggest threats that exist for companies today, affecting individuals, companies and even states and societies alike. It is because of this that computer security measures have become a priority, especially for those companies or...

Details of U.S. government large-scale surveillance Projects

Nearly forty U.S. government large-scale surveillance projects disclosed by the media over the years Since 2001, other oversight agencies, such as the positions of the Department of Homeland Security and the Director of National Intelligence, have exponentially...
Windows 10 – 3 ways to disable start-up apps!

Windows 10 – 3 ways to disable start-up apps!

  Windows 10 is the latest in the series of operating systems created by Microsoft. It is the descendant of Windows 8.1, released on July 29, 2015. Why should we disable start-up apps? One of the most annoying features of Windows is that apps can start up when...

Why Samsung is Beating Apple in the Smartphone Race

Why Samsung is Beating Apple in the Smartphone Race

Samsung - Upholding their sales: 2019 was a decent year for Samsung, at least as far as confirming it didn’t see its smartphone sales go on a descending path is concerned. According to the latest study from Strategy Analytics, Samsung upheld its status as the world’s...

XSS Defense Cheat Sheet

XSS Defense Cheat Sheet

In this Post I have included the XSS CHEAT SHEET to save time and effort , While testing for cross site scripting vulnerability and basics and etc. 1. Introduction to Cross Site Scripting  We provide you with a simple and effective model to prevent XSS attacks by...

Tired of BAD non working public proxies?

Tired of BAD non working public proxies?

Free Proxy List - List of Open Proxy Servers Proxy Server List - This page provides and maintains the largest and the most up-to-date list of working proxy servers that are available for public use. Any proxy server listed on this page can be used with a software...

2.54T! Google reveals the largest DDoS attack to date

2.54T! Google reveals the largest DDoS attack to date

On October 16, the Google Cloud team disclosed the DDoS attack suffered in September 2017. The attack scale was as high as 2.54 Tbps, which is the largest DDoS attack to date. In another report released at the same time, the Google Threat Analysis Group (TAG), which...

RDP Brute Force Attacks: 5 Tips to Keep Your Business Safe

RDP Brute Force Attacks: 5 Tips to Keep Your Business Safe

The world's workforce is becoming more and more decentralized. The rise of telecommuting, outsourcing, and cloud-based technologies continues to blur geographic boundaries, while allowing small and midsize businesses to tap into a deep and diverse talent pool. To...

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