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Fortify your Endpoints with layered Next-Gen Security, stop worrying about safety. Choose Me and have One Console for all Events and Reports. Firewall protection.
Protecting your Corporate Network when accessed via remote devices such as laptops or other wireless and mobile devices.


My Services & Solutions

Companies across the world spend over $100 billion on security products today. With cyber-attacks growing in both volume and complexity and hacked data being sold for higher and higher prices in the black market, Cyber-security is becoming a major challenge for most companies.

Advanced & Automated Threat Detection

Cyber threats have become more complex and sophisticated. Many organisations now face stealthy attacks in their networks. These attacks are targeted towards intellectual property and customer information theft or encryption of critical data for ransom.

They are very different from the traditional cyber attacks that we’ve been used to because they are designed to penetrate standard defences that companies have in place.

As a result, it’s now important to opt for cybersecurity services like Cuelogic’s which incorporate advanced AI and ML-based algorithms that span the entire attack surface and operate at scale.


Compliances & Maintenance

Our services are designed in such a way that you will always achieve and maintain the compliances that you need to.

We ensure that this will happen irrespective of the cyber attacks or threats that you may suffer.

Threat-AnticipationThreat Anticipation

We are constantly collecting data from a variety of sources including Tactical Machine Intelligence Data, Vulnerability Advisories, The News, Blogs, Social Media, The Dark Web, and other non-public sources on our threat intelligence platform. This data is subjected to machine learning- based data analysis.

This helps us identify potential threats and vulnerabilities. Based on this intelligence, we identify an action plan that our client must deploy in order to prevent, detect, and respond to such threats in the future. We also have teams that simulate cyber attacks so that we can test the ability of the security systems to counter them effectively and safely.

We even undertake a security code review to identify security flaws in an application’s source code. This helps us initiate an overall risk mitigation exercise that will reduce vulnerabilities going forward. We also undertake extensive application, device, mobile, and network penetration testing and remediation to evaluate and consciously attack IT infrastructure vulnerabilities.

NextGen Security Coverage

Traditionally, cybersecurity has been governed by a set of rules. As long as cybersecurity teams took certain rule-based measures, companies were protected from cyber threats which mostly followed a standard pattern.

Today, however, cyber threats have become so advanced and complex that the traditional rule-based measures no longer work. Cyber Security has evolved to incorporate more advanced technologies to provide next-gen security coverage.

That’s exactly what you get from Me.

Availability-of-World-Class-Cyber-Security-ExpertsAvailability of World Class Cyber Security Experts

With the rapid evolution in cybersecurity and with cyber attacks becoming more complex, there is a major dearth of cybersecurity experts. In fact, according to research, there will be an estimated 3.5 million unfilled positions in the cybersecurity industry by 2021.

In such a scenario, it becomes easy for cybercriminals to take advantage of understaffed security teams and launch complex cyber attacks. Luckily, I have a team with years of experience in cybersecurity.

This will ensure you have the best talent at your disposal to fend off even the most sophisticated threats.

Threat-HuntingThreat Hunting

Our threat hunting expertise discovers security flaws in endpoints, user behaviour, network, and application.


Threat Detection & Remediation

I will enable you to have a threat detection and remediation system in place that allows real-time alerting, incident verification, and remediation guidance. Our threat detection and remediation systems are more proactive than reactive, making it much harder for cybercriminals to carry out malpractices.

We use cloud-based big data and machine learning practices so that advanced and complex threats can be detected, assessed, and managed in real-time. Our clients end up dramatically reducing their time to detect and remediate.

We also help protect your business with a combination of network intrusion detection (IDS), vulnerability management, log management, and web application firewall protection for hybrid, cloud, and on-premises environments.


Cybersecurity-Lifecycle-ExpertsCybersecurity Lifecycle Experts

The cybersecurity lifecycle is a continuous process that starts at identifying threats and goes on to protect the system, detect threats, respond to them, and then recover and restore the system to its original, protected state.

Luckily, our team comprises cybersecurity lifecycle experts who will make sure that all the necessary steps are being taken to ensure your cybersecurity is up to the mark.

Incident Response Plan Creation Services

In today’s age, it’s not a matter of if but when your organization will suffer a data breach. In all likelihood, you won’t know where an attack on your information is coming from nor will you know when it’s going to happen. But it’s only a matter of time before a breach will hit your organization. Every connected system on the Internet is getting probed and prodded on a daily basis. As bad actors leverage more attack vectors, employ more advanced tactics, and technologies, we’re now living in a time of “continuous compromise.”

Our experience with your Services has been great so far. The implementation is not 100% complete at this time. The entire team has been easy to work with and their expertise in security and Microsoft products is unbeatable. Look forward to a long professional relationship.

Jeff Dawson

Shahrukh Athar has been the most responsive partner I have ever had the pleasure of working with. My team and more importantly, my customers really appreciate the work that the team at BeMo puts in to each and every interaction.



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