WhatsApp Messenger is an American public-domain software. It is a compatible messaging, and Voice over IP facility possessed by Facebook, Inc. It permits users to direct text messages and voice messages, make voice and video calls. And share pictures, documents, locations, and further media. WhatsApp’s customer app runs on mobile devices but is also manageable from PCs. Providing the user’s mobile remains linked to the Internet while they use the Web browser app. The service involves users having a standard mobile number to access the service. In January 2018, WhatsApp launched a separate commercial application. Which directs at small business vendors, known as WhatsApp Business. It lets enterprises to connect with clients who use the ordinary WhatsApp client.

Brian Acton and Jan Koum (former Yahoo! Workers) created WhatsApp in January 2009. It grew into the world’s most common messaging app by 2015. And has over 2 billion users globally as of February 2020. It has developed into primary means of automated communication in various countries. Containing Latin America, the South-Asian subcontinent, and huge parts of Europe and Africa. 

New Features: 

WhatsApp didn’t come with a means to mute audio when sending videos to mates and fam. To share muted videos on WhatsApp, you had to edit the video over a third-party app before sharing them. Like Instagram.

Instant messaging application “WhatsApp” is working on a fresh feature. It lets users disable audio in their videos before sending them to their friends. Or putting them up as status.

A statement by WABetaInfo told that after allowing Advanced Wallpaper and vanishing messages, WhatsApp is working on new features now. The following feature, accessible in a future update, will permit muting videos before sending them to friends or your status updates.

WhatsApp carries on to progress its prevalent messaging platform. This time, a new feature will let users disable audio in videos before posting them. Along with new wallpapers. Between the modifications they create, there is the choice of selecting. Among thirty-two new lively wallpapers, twenty-nine dark, single customized, and solid colors. This is for every conversation. Furthermore, users will be capable to edit its denseness.

WhatsApp launched these features in its beta version for Android operating systems. And an update for the web and stable versions is in line. Also, it will substitute archived chats with a feature called read later. An alteration with which notifications of new messages will not show. While the conversations stay in this read later. With the goal being decreasing disruptions.

These new features come after WhatsApp launched self-destructing messages. A feature that when enabled lets users choose to have messages and files in chats erased every 7 days.

The application also reformed its storage organization tool before this month. It now proposes the capability to choose and erase all files at once. By checking an individual box. 

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